What to Know about Ferritin Level Blood Test

Iron in red blood cells is used by your body to transport oxygen to all of its cells. Your red blood cells will be incapable of giving adequate oxygen if you do not have enough iron. However, too much iron is also bad for your health. Iron levels that are both high and low may suggest a major underlying condition.

A ferritin test may be ordered if your doctor feels you have an iron deficit or an iron excess. This evaluates the quantity of iron stored in your body and provides your doctor with an overall picture of your iron levels.  

Ferritin is not the same as iron in the body. Ferritin, on the other hand, is a protein that stores iron and releases it when your body requires it. Ferritin is typically found in your body’s cells, with relatively little flowing in your blood.

Ferritin concentrations are normally highest in liver cells (known as hepatocytes) and the immune system (known as reticuloendothelial cells). Ferritin is stored in the cells of the body until it is time to generate new red blood cells. The body will send a signal to the cells, causing them to release ferritin. The ferritin then links to a different molecule known as transferrin.

Transferrin is a protein that binds to ferritin and transports it to the site of red blood cell formation. Consider transferring to be an iron taxi. While maintaining appropriate iron levels is crucial, having enough stored iron is also vital. Iron reserves can quickly diminish if a person does not have adequate ferritin.

Why Should I Get a Ferritin Test

Knowing if you have too much or too little ferritin in your blood might provide your doctor with information about your total iron levels. The more ferritin in your blood, the more iron your body has stored. This is where it is essential for you to get yourself tested for ferritin levels so that you determine the low or high levels of it.

  1. If you experience any of the following symptoms linked with low ferritin levels, your doctor may recommend a ferritin test for you if you have the following such as fatigue, dizziness, chronic headaches, irritability, leg pains, shortness of breath, weakness, etc.
  2. You can also have extremely high ferritin levels, which might also result in unpleasant symptoms. Excess ferritin symptoms include stomach pain, joint pain, fatigue, heart palpitation, weakness, etc.

Ferritin levels can also rise as a result of organ injuries, such as damage to the liver and spleen. The test can also be used to track your general health, especially if you have an iron-related illness that produces too much or too little iron in your blood.

The Performance of Ferritin Test at Home

The ferritin test uses only a tiny amount of blood to correctly evaluate your ferritin levels.

In rare cases, your doctor may instruct you not to eat for at least 12 hours prior to having your blood collected. According to one source, the test is more accurate when administered in the morning when you haven’t eaten in a while.

To make your veins more apparent, a healthcare expert may wrap a band around your arm. The provider puts a tiny needle into your vein after cleaning your skin with an antiseptic swab. After that, the sample is transported to a laboratory for examination. There should be no need for you to take any particular measures before the blood test.

You can set your mind at peace as blood test sample collection at home will be done by a professional team who will administer Dubai Health Authority-approved measures to ensure your convenience and satisfaction at all times.

Treatment of High Ferritin Levels

Phlebotomy, or the extraction of iron-rich blood, is the first line of therapy for individuals with high ferritin levels. It’s practically the same as donating blood, but for a different reason.

If you are unable to undergo regular blood removal, your doctor might refer you to chelation therapy. You may also need to change your food and other parts of your lifestyle.

The Final Takeaway

A ferritin blood test exposes more than simply serum iron problems. It also offers extra information about disorders affecting your kidneys, heart, lungs, and other essential organs, assisting your doctor in providing the appropriate therapy.

If your blood test indicates a high ferritin level, you will almost certainly be subjected to further testing to determine the specific source of the disease, which may include the blood test panel. If you’re unclear about the next measures to take, you may take advantage of our telemedicine consultation, where a healthcare professional can offer you the necessary assistance.

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