Quality Physiotherapy at Your Doorstep

Quality Physiotherapy at Your Doorstep: Treating Common Conditions with Call My Doctor™ in Dubai

Quality Physiotherapy at Your Doorstep

In the midst of varying opinions, one thing that every human succumbs to is the discomfort of physical illness or pain. The progress the world of medicine is going through has been a lifesaver for many, and the physiotherapy niche is not lacking either. You do not have to compromise on comfort with the option of physiotherapy provided by Call My Doctor™ for your home in Dubai. Healthcare experts will now be present at your doorsteps to help you restore, maintain, and enhance your body’s mobility and functionality whenever you require it, from the comfort of your home.

Why Choose At-Home Physiotherapy?

There are a range of varying reasons that prompt individuals to opt for physiotherapy at home. Whether it’s due to injuries, chronic pain, post-operative care, or simply the need for increased mobility, Call My Doctor™ offers a range of specialized physiotherapy services to cater to various conditions.

The Benefits of Call My Doctor™'s At-Home Physiotherapy

  •  Trustworthy Certified Therapists:Trustworthy Certified Therapists: Call My Doctor™ prides itself on having assembled passionate, experienced and certified physical therapists who are well-equipped to provide personalised care to all of our clients.
  • The Convenience of Home: The comfort and convenience of your own home is unbeatable; coupled with the lack of commute and waiting room delays, you have a dream come true appointment. 
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Call My Doctor™ employs a multidisciplinary approach to assessing the varying nature of conditions our clients might be facing, inclusive of muscle, joint, bone, and soft tissue injuries. This integrated approach ensures a holistic, satisfactory and effective treatment plan.

Physiotherapy at home options at Call My Doctor™

At Call My Doctor™, we are committed to providing a holistic range of treatments under the physiotherapy department to provide a one-stop solution for clients with varying requirements. With certified professionals, we provide solutions for Orthopedic, Neurological, Geriatric, Pediatric and Sports Physiotherapy and also Rehabilitation & Pain Management services.

The Final Takeaway

Call My Doctor™ strives to build a community of professionals, patients and clients who are understanding and passionate about recovery. When it comes to receiving top-quality physiotherapy at home in Dubai, Call My Doctor™ stands out as a reliable and experienced provider. Our certified and skilled physiotherapists are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthier, more active life. With convenient and efficient services, personalized treatment plans, and a commitment to patient satisfaction, Call My Doctor™ is your trusted partner in your journey towards wellness. Say goodbye to pain and discomfort – say hello to a better quality of life with Call My Doctor™’s physiotherapy at-home services.

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The Top-Notch Home Healthcare in Dubai

Call My Doctor™ was founded on the concept and simple idea of helping people live better lives by providing them premium, convenient, and timely healthcare in their comfort. With that idea, we became a company that is dedicated and committed to service with new possibilities.

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Advantages of Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy Dubai- Relief For Sports Enthusiasts From Whiplash Injuries

Advantages of Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is extremely important for all athletes and sports personalities. Any sport is precarious, too; one sudden jerk can damage your muscles forever. One such injury is a whiplash injury, wherein the person’s head is jolted suddenly due to a trauma, which causes muscles and ligaments to stretch suddenly in a whip-like movement. It is the most common injury for all sports enthusiasts.

Advantages of Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy plays a very vital role in enhancing the sportsman’s performance. An experienced physiotherapist can boost the athlete’s performance to the next level. This aspect of healthcare involves manual therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture, hot and cold treatment, etc. But before opting for Sports Physiotherapy, we need to understand the benefits of Sports Physiotherapy.

Relaxes Body Muscles

Anyone would want to relax and unwind after a tough day on the ground. To do so on your own is difficult. Still, a professional physiotherapist will guide you on the types of stretches suited to you, which will relax your muscles and make you feel refreshed for the next round of workouts.

Helps in treating Minor Injuries

Minor Injuries like whiplash injury can affect your calibre. However, these injuries are not severe but potentially threaten the athlete’s performance. Thus, a physiotherapist can help you relieve multiple spasms, sprains and twists. This will prevent further complications of the injury.

Prevents Injuries

Attending regular physiotherapy sessions is a must for all sports enthusiasts. This will ensure proper flexibility of the muscle and will prevent spasms and injuries. A physiotherapist will carve your body with the correct exercises to suit your sport.

Improves Physical Strength

With time, any athlete will lose their form because they are bound to tire and wear out their muscles. But regular physiotherapy sessions will prevent your muscles and ligaments from wearing out and keep them active throughout your sports career. Ultimately this will enhance your strength, thereby reducing physical pressure. 

The Final Takeaway

Regular sports physiotherapy will reduce the number of injuries and health issues and thus improve your life quality. If you are looking for a personal 24/7 sports physiotherapist, then Call My Doctor™ is the right choice. Feel free to contact us at 80099387 for personal assistance.

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The Top-Notch Home Healthcare in Dubai

Call My Doctor™ was founded on the concept and simple idea of helping people live better lives by providing them premium, convenient, and timely healthcare in their comfort. With that idea, we became a company that is dedicated and committed to service with new possibilities.

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10 Reasons to Choose Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai

10 Reasons to Choose Call My Doctor™ for Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai

physiptherapy at home by Zydus 1

Physiotherapy treatment refers to a therapeutic procedure by home healthcare that is concerned with the rehabilitation of people after suffering from trauma.

It is mainly concerned with restoring the movement and function of the body, reducing pain, promoting recovery, and maintaining and increasing the functionality and strength of the individuals injured during different events. For, e.g., such as sports or accidents, work-related injuries, as well as in cases of any illness and disability

physiptherapy at home

Understanding the New Normal - Physiotherapy At Home

Nowadays, availing of physiotherapy at home is quite normal. Home-based physiotherapy is of great help to patients who have mobility problems or long-term conditions that affect their mobility.

It is beneficial in several conditions, especially in those in which the patient is seriously ill or for those patients who are not able to travel to a physiotherapy clinic. In such circumstances, the physiotherapist pays visits to the patient’s home for diagnostic and treatment purposes. Everything, collectively, is carried out in your home, from discussions about different or multiple issues concerning the patient’s health and other treatment objectives to the primary physiotherapy treatment process.

However, many individuals do not realize that an in-home physiotherapy is also an option. In-home physiotherapy offers different treatment options in your home instead of a clinic or hospital-based setting. Some of the benefits are listed below.

10 Reasons to Choose Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai

Suppose you are still considering the traditional option as a better one for physiotherapy. In that case, you should consider the following benefits of physical therapies at home, hotel room, or anywhere in Dubai.

Comfort is Unparalleled

The benefit of receiving physiotherapy treatment in the comfort of your own home can’t be understated, as the environment at your home is a familiar and more comfortable place compared to the hospital or a clinic setting and its environment. You feel most comfortable and relaxed among your family members in your house, as you’re in a familiar environment.

This service helps boost the patient’s confidence and morale, enhancing the treatment. It is seen that avoiding distractions lead to more focused treatment. In some cases, the progress may proceed at a more incredible pace.

Impressively Personalized Home Healthcare

Physiotherapy at home Dubai aids in providing education and the tools to enhance your recovery. When a physiotherapist pays a visit to your home, they will first use their knowledge and all the necessary tools to help you. Then your physiotherapist will make some added recommendations and modifications. Then they would devise a routine for you based on your home’s surroundings and infrastructure, leading to better growth and speedy recovery.

Moreover, physiotherapists who deliver home healthcare services at home tend to have fewer clients compared to those who work in health care centers due to the management and schedule of the traveling time. In such cases, physiotherapists may be able to deliver longer treatments if requested.

Extremely Convenient & Time-Saving

In-home physiotherapy services are incredibly convenient, as they can be scheduled and offered according to your feasibility. In several cases, in-home physiotherapists can also provide treatment at your workplace or another convenient setting.

It also eliminates traveling on your part, which acts as a big time saver in the process. It also reduces the fatigue experienced while traveling, thus conserving your energy and motivation for the physiotherapy session.

Many clients enjoy the ease and perks of in-home physiotherapy treatments that seamlessly fit into their lives.

Rapid Improvement in a Matter of Time

If you’re experiencing pain for any reason, an accident or injury, you experience an uneasy feeling. In this case, the only place that can bring comfort is your home and a good Physiotherapy Treatment at home. By this, the chances of improvement get boosted, as you are relaxed and comfortable, so you respond quickly.

Cost Effective

Some physiotherapists charge more for in-home physiotherapy services. Yet, in-home service is still a better option, as it is cost-effective compared to visiting a physiotherapy center or clinic. It is primarily because your travel costs are saved.

Moreover, in some cases, your travel might require an ambulatory service, depending upon your condition. These extra costs and expenses can be avoided if you avail physiotherapy services at home.

A Safer Option for High-Risk Individuals

Many are considered high-risk patients and would put themselves in an unsafe environment by receiving in-office physiotherapy services. Perhaps they’re suffering from an illness or disability compromising their mobility, so they are at a greater risk of infection in public places. In-home physiotherapy allows these high-risk individuals to significantly benefit from this service in the safety of their homes.

Redeem Independence

While some individuals require intensive, in-home physical therapy, others need short-term support returning to everyday routines. Home visit physiotherapists provide excellent facilities by using their skills to help the affected individuals resume their daily lives and regain their independence. Based on the patient’s particular condition and personal aims, physiotherapists can develop and create a customized treatment plan.

Administration of Different Techniques

Several hands-on treatments can also be performed in the home, including different massages and joint mobilization techniques, which may be part of the recovery. Visits are scheduled according to the availability of the individual and their family member(s) so that their valuable input can be received and they can work as a helping hand.

In several cases, physiotherapists can help teach you the techniques, exercises, and maintenance that will help the patient recover soon.

Post-Surgery Physiotherapy

For individuals who have had an operation, physiotherapy is a key to making a good recovery and maintenance. Carrying out different activities, such as driving, is not easy for patients who have undergone surgery, and rehabilitation services at home can be the best option or only solution.

Postoperatively, the patient must take physiotherapy so that it is easier for the body to restore and perform its functions normally so that his lifestyle doesn’t alter.

Helps Calm Anxious Patients

Many individuals get anxious or restless in physiotherapy centers and, as a result, can get anxious or panicked. For them, visiting a physiotherapy clinic is usually not the best idea. Anxious patients tend to benefit from In-Home Physiotherapy as staying in a familiar environment (i.e., home) can help keep them calm.

Furthermore, during the at home physical therapy exercise, your loved ones are there for you to motivate you and give moral support, and their existence is enough to support patients’ mental health.

The Final Words

In short, the significant advantages of In-home physiotherapy at home Dubai are that the patients no longer need to wait and suffer long at the hospitals and clinics, as the physiotherapy can be performed in the luxury of their homes. Also, the scheduling process is straightforward, and the patients get faster results, by speedy recovery, without the hassle of going through various problems and hindrances, so they enjoy greater convenience.

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The Top-Notch Home Healthcare in Dubai

Call My Doctor™ was founded on the concept and simple idea of helping people live better lives by providing them premium, convenient, and timely healthcare in their comfort. With that idea, we became a company that is dedicated and committed to service with new possibilities.

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8 Reasons You Should Acquire Physiotherapy At Home

8 Reasons You Should Acquire Physiotherapy at Home

8 Reasons You Should Acquire Physiotherapy at Home

A physiotherapy is a form of care used to treat and prevent a variety of physical problems brought on by illnesses, injuries, poor lifestyle choices, and aging. The primary objectives of physiotherapy are restoration, maintenance, and boosting of a person’s strength, functionality, and movement. Physiotherapy aims to improve and maximize the patient’s mobility, physical strength, and overall health.

It is a method of pain management that uses massages and exercises instead of surgery or medication. Physiotherapists are skilled experts that support our recovery and overall wellbeing. Physical therapies come in many forms, including manual therapies, electrotherapy methods, and exercise regimens.

The three forms of physiotherapy

  • Neurological
  • Cardiothoracic
  • Musculoskeletal

Are managed by these therapeutic methods. In today’s world, receiving physical therapy treatments at home has become the norm. This is crucial for people who find it difficult to see or attend the different therapies at hospitals or other facilities.

For diagnosis and treatment, the physiotherapists come to the patient’s house. Everything is done at home, including debating many topics relating to the patient’s overall health, treatment objectives, and therapeutic procedures.

Benefits of Getting Physiotherapy Treatment at Home

All may be done in your house, from the initial consultation to going over the treatment goals to receiving physiotherapy treatment. Here, we’ve outlined the reasons to consider when acquiring a physiotherapist to come to your home, so let’s get started.

8 Reasons You Should Acquire Physiotherapy at Home

1. Family Supervision

Risk assessment and guidance from physiotherapy sessions can make the home environment safer and offer ergonomic advice to complete daily duties more manageable. Sometimes having someone around to raise confidence and go outside can change your life and help you gain confidence.

Your family can monitor the treatment and the growth scale while you receive care at home. They would be there to support you if you were discouraged and assist the physiotherapist if that person needed anything.

2. Averts Many Disorders at Home

Care with physiotherapy can be helpful for conditions other than physical ones. Additionally, it can benefit people who struggle to breathe due to conditions like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

A patient’s health is significantly improved, and the advancement of long-term problems is slowed down by specially designed and closely monitored exercise regimens.

3. Revitalizes your Lifestyle

While some patients need short-term support returning to their regular routines, others need intensive, in-home physical treatment. Physiotherapists who make house calls offer expert services to assist patients in returning to their standard everyday practices and revitalizing their lifestyles.

Physiotherapists, caretakers, and the patient’s doctor can create a personalized treatment plan based on the patient’s unique condition and personal goals.

4. Evade the Traffic Distresses

A trip to the doctor can mean sitting in the car for longer than at the doctor’s clinic. If you are in pain, the journey can be challenging. Even if you reach the clinic, the trip back home can undo some of the benefits of the session you just completed.

So, when a physiotherapist visits your home, you can take full advantage of the treatment, being relaxed in the comfort of your home.

5. Convenient for Critical Patients

Some people are unable to engage in physiotherapy at clinics or medical facilities. These people include those at a greater risk of contracting an infection in public settings and those with one or more disabilities. You can be sure that you are safe at home. You don’t need to worry if you want to hasten your healing.

In this case, home physical therapy is strongly advised. They might experience difficulties moving about daily and while traveling. As a result, individuals receive the most outstanding care possible when a physiotherapist comes to their house.

6. Direction on Practices

Numerous manual therapies, such as joint mobilizations and massage, can also be applied at home and may aid rehabilitation. Visits are tailored to the person, and the family is welcome to participate as often as possible. Physiotherapists often can instruct patients in practices that will aid in their ongoing maintenance or recovery.

Sometimes, your environment and surroundings may not be conducive to your recovery, even when seeing a physiotherapist. In the case of home physical therapy, this criterion might be eliminated because the physiotherapist will first use their expertise and the necessary equipment to assist you. Then, to promote better growth, they would develop a schedule for you based on the surroundings and infrastructure of your home.

7. Separate Care

When you are at home, you are around the individuals that encourage you. The physiotherapist will also give you individual attention and prod you to express any worries you may have without holding back. This interaction and focus will hasten the return of your health. Overall, improved chances of a faster recovery are produced by the treatment’s effectiveness, and high-quality medicine for the patient is guaranteed.

You feel motivated at home since your loved ones surround you. Additionally, the physiotherapist machine can provide individualized care, and you will be able to express any concerns you may have without fear. This will promote healthier growth. Overall, the treatment’s efficacy is very high.

8. Proper Routine Physiotherapy

It can be challenging at times to adhere to the physiotherapist’s regimen. Due to rigid schedules, many miss out on specialists and their remedies. Physiotherapy at home is an effective way to overcome this challenge.

Organizing sessions around your schedule and routine may maintain your performance while receiving incredibly beneficial treatments. Choosing home physical treatment can save a lot of time. Additionally, the passage of time is crucial in managing illnesses like acute pain and stress. So, receiving care at home is beneficial.

Why Choose Call My Doctor™ for Physiotherapy At-home?

There are several reasons why Call My Doctor™’s physiotherapy at-home services in Dubai are best-in-class. Including referring highly trained physiotherapists to your home and developing a personalized treatment plan for your loved ones, as well as:

  • Team of highly skilled, DHA-certified physical therapists.
  • Confirmation of the home visit immediately.
  • British-trained licensed physical therapists.
  • Any query has 24/7 support.
  • Sessions and care plans are personalized for each person.
  • We may take a comprehensive approach to patient demands and deliver better results using an integrated multi-therapy system.
  • Services for comprehensive physical therapy.
  • Monthly packages that include lab testing and medical appointments.
  • Price transparency and economy.
  • With feedback and counseling, therapy progress is continuously monitored.

Regular and ongoing physical therapy helps people heal from acute and chronic illnesses, injuries, and disabilities while improving posture, mobility, and endurance. To guarantee that recovery and relief occur, physical routines are established. We firmly believe in evidence-based practice and clinical knowledge for superior clinical outcomes.

Our established procedures guarantee the provision of excellent patient care along with high-quality medical care. We partner with you throughout the procedure and offer a comprehensive program combining many different therapies. The most outstanding compensation is the faith that patients place in us, and the joy on our patients’ faces motivates us to continue.

The Final Words

Now that you know the advantages of home physical therapy, if you or a loved one would benefit from it but find it challenging to heal at a clinic, this service enables the best care to come to you. Thus, it is clear that physical therapy has many benefits, primarily when it is performed at home. Additionally, it aids in the treatment of many ailments, aids in giving a specific person individualized attention, and speeds up healing. However, speaking with your doctor before utilizing home physical therapy services is crucial.

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The Top-Notch Home Healthcare in Dubai

Call My Doctor™ was founded on the concept and simple idea of helping people live better lives by providing them premium, convenient, and timely healthcare in their comfort. With that idea, we became a company that is dedicated and committed to service with new possibilities.

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