Call My Doctor™

Top-Notch Home Healthcare in Dubai

Call My Doctor™ was founded on the concept and the simple idea of helping people live better lives by providing them premium, convenient, and timely healthcare at the comfort of their homes. With that idea in mind we became a company that is dedicated and committed to providing services of high quality keeping the well-being of anyone who needs healthcare.

At Call My Doctor™, we firmly believe that the ultimate place for caring is right in the comfort of your home. We are a company that has established itself as a national leader in healthcare with specialty in homecare in Dubai. Our team consists of  certified and licensed professionals who seek  to provide unparalleled healthcare solutions like never before in the UAE.

We aim to bring top-class, internationally accredited best practices and global standards   in healthcare and medical practice to your doorstep in Dubai. Whether you need a doctor, nurse, lab tests, home care, or any other medical service, our certified and expert medical teams are always on the go to ensure that you receive timely attention and care keeping your happiness, contentment, and well-being in mind. We strive to be steadfast with our principles and belief that we are always just a call away!

Making A Difference Everyday with Our Superior Medical Services

Call My Doctor™ is completely focused on making a difference every day in the lives of people. We aim to keep our clients cared for , where they want to be for their medical needs which is right at the comfort of their  homes. Our healthcare staff and medical teams help you keep control and provide home healthcare services to support to ensure your happiness and  satisfaction Patients trust us in Dubai because we work tirelessly to deliver on our promise. For us, it’s not just about providing a quality home care service, but building relationships with everyone we work with.

Purpose-Driven 24/7 Medical Services at Your Doorstep

Call My Doctor™ is a team of professional and DHA-licensed doctors, nurses, and medical professionals with a strong natural sense of caring, commitment to purpose, and personal responsibility to help our clients and support each other as a team.

We have earned the status of being a trusted leader in providing a wide range of clinical care, laboratory services, and home healthcare services for people of all age groups. Our clients consider us the most trustworthy and reliable medical care partner in Dubai because of our convenience, flexibility, and accessibility at all times. We endavour to be 24/7 available to cater to emergencies and eleventh-hour inquiries without any delay.

Providing World-Class & Dependable Doctor on Call Service in Dubai

Call My Doctor™ caters to a diversified range of medical services and assistance. We take pride in delivering internationally accredited and standardized healthcare practices with accessibility to trained, certified, and experienced professionals who ensure that our patients receive exceptional care and clinical practices whenever they need them.

Our professionals follow core principles of comprehensive doctor on call service at home that ensures safety, convenience, flexibility, and ethnicity. Our doctors provide patient care without discriminating against race, colour, age, nationality, disability, religion, or gender.