Bespoke Home Healthcare to Maintain your Independence and Comfort

We understand that choosing a home healthcare provider can be a daunting task. Call My Doctor™ are trusted and reliable home medical care provider, providing medical assistance to patients across Dubai, UAE.

We understand that if we don’t fulfill our promises, it means nothing but another fancy statement. However, we strive and adhere to live up to all the promises we make and provide utmost contentment to patients and their families across Dubai.

Our firm belief is that if we provide our clients with familiar environmental settings, the chances of recovery and diagnosis are quick compared to the traditional or conventional settings. So, with these beliefs, we have set our mission and vision and regularly strive to improve ourselves to live up to our promise.


We are a team of medical professionals on a mission to create 24/7 unparalleled home healthcare solutions for safer and more convenient settings for patients and their families. We ensure to implement a sociable, thoughtful, and empathetic approach while respecting the dignity and privacy of our patients.


We aim to become the top-choice healthcare provider within Dubai, providing our patients with first-class premium healthcare services using industry best practices and DHA-approved medications. We do this to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.

Our Core Values

Our set of values run throughout our care, facilitation, and satisfaction. Here is a collection of our core values that we integrate into all our actions;

Patient-First Approach
We are dedicated to patients. When you avail our home healthcare service, for us, attending to you as a patient becomes our priority

Compassionate Care
Compassionate actions drive our healthcare services at home. Empathetic care is at the heart of everything we do for our patients while integrating humanity and kindness at all times.

Commitment to Quality Care
Our home healthcare processes are driven by actions that show our dedication and commitment to achieving and delivering the best.

Implementing Modern Practices
We aim to implement contemporary medical practices while providing home healthcare facilities to patients in Dubai. For this, we go above and beyond to deliver what we have committed.

Create a Memorable Experience
We aim to create a memorable experience for our patients and their families by providing them access to world-class medical services and healthcare practices.

Delivering Healthcare with Excellence
Our doctors, nurses, and medical professionals embody their medical excellence and far-fetched learning in all the strides they take.  And lead by example.

Our healthcare experts adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards built on a foundation of honesty, confidentiality, transparency, and respect.

At Call My Doctor™, we believe that patients deserve to have timely access to healthcare at home, and this is what we aim to reflect in our work.

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