Can blood tests be done at home?

Blood tests are frequently viewed as a physical activity that a patient engages in while visiting a lab or a doctor as part of a medical procedure. Patients no longer perform diagnostic tests because they don’t want to wait hours in a queue at the hospital or diagnostic lab. So yes, seeing the need for home blood test service Call My Doctor™ brings Blood Test at Home through Lab at Home Service in Dubai that provides home service for blood sample collection,” and provides results right at your home on your email.

How Lab at Home Service Helps You?

Humanity now has access to a wide variety of diagnostic tests thanks to the development of medical technology. In the present day, taking regular tests has become crucial. Yet, visiting a diagnostic facility consumes a significant amount of our time and energy.

Blood Test at Home Dubai by Zydus

Who prefer the convenience of having lab test samples collected at home or another private location, are bedridden, Lack access to transportation, or are otherwise unable to leave their homes, can benefit from mobile phlebotomy.

What Advantages Does Service of Blood Test at Home Dubai Offer?

When you have mobility, travel, or time restrictions, choosing a lab test at home is one of the most comfortable options, whether you want to feel better or make sure your body is in excellent health. Future trends include home lab testing and patient-centered care. For a venipuncture blood draw with a phlebotomist, patients don’t need to go to the clinic or hospital! The following are some advantages of having lab tests performed at your convenience:

  • Saving time and money.
  • Many diagnostic procedures right outside your door.
  • Greater discretion.
  • No standing in queue or long distances.
  • Effortless procedure.
  • The pinnacle of hygiene.

Call My Doctor™ Brings Lab Test Just Outside Your Door

Stay in the comfort of your home with Call My Doctor™ and have the lab come to you, anywhere in the UAE. By choosing the only direct lab provider with a customer satisfaction guarantee, lab sample collection at home, you can take control of your healthcare expenses.

What kind of blood test at home can be done by a Lab at Home Service?

There are numerous applications for at-home blood tests. Typical Blood Test at Home Dubai include:

  • Test for a complete blood count (CBC)
  • A broad-spectrum blood test that measures cholesterol, total testosterone, and vitamin D levels
  • Blood glucose test, which may be utilised frequently to aid in the management of diabetes
  • Fecal occult blood tests that detect colon cancer are 2
  • Exams to look for indicators of contagious diseases including hepatitis, HIV, and COVID-193
  • Genetic tests that may indicate whether you are more likely to develop certain disorders

The Final Takeaway

It’s time to go for getting the best healthcare at home with Call My Doctor™. If you want to know more about a blood test at home or our lab test at Home service, feel free to call us on +971 45490709, message us at  +971 4 549 0700 (WhatsApp) or call our toll free number 800 ZYDUS (99387) and our experts will contact you.

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