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Many times we compromise on our routine checkups and, sometimes, when we need them the most. The reasons vary, from juggling between maintaining a balance in work and social life to being over-tired at times and avoiding driving all the way to the hospital or medical facility. Often we take non-prescribed over-the-counter medicines that we think are good but, in reality, do not become a proper medication for the illness inside. In fact, there are various times when we avoid visiting the doctor because of other strains and occupancies we have.

Furthermore, commuting to a hospital, waiting in queues, and mixing up with a lot of patients and other people in the hospital adds more to the inconvenience. So, several factors thwart us from keeping our appointments.

If these are the scenarios you find yourself in, don’t stress yourself out, as hundreds of thousands of others struggle with the same. This is where home care Dubai can be really game-changing in today’s challenging conditions. The new doctor at home, nursing care at home, and other medical services at home are setting new examples of convenience and comfort.

The new wave of digitization has created tons of opportunities for all industries, and healthcare is no exception. Moreover, during the covid-19 pandemic, home healthcare services have gained substantial momentum, and since then, they have emerged as the new normal.

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6 Benefits of Doctor on Call in Dubai

There are several reasons why having a visit from a doctor at home is far better than having to visit one at a clinic or hospital. Let us go through some of the biggest benefits of using a doctor at home Dubai service.

1. Tailored Healthcare

Since hospitals and medical facilities are always crowded with patients, getting personalized and tailored care at these facilities gets challenging. This is where patients can get personalized care in the comfort of their homes and hotel rooms. This idea has proven to be game-changing and caters to several patients’ needs. A doctor at home has raised the convenience level for patients who have concerns that they may not get proper attention in the hospital. Now, patients can get medical attention anytime and anywhere without having to bear all the inconvenience from which they used to skip medical checkups. Professional doctors and nurses will come to your home on the agreed schedule, giving you the freedom and convenience to receive the appropriate care while eliminating inconveniences.

2. Skipping Long Queues at Hospitals

The lengthy lines during healthcare appointments are unbearably fatiguing and grueling. The hectic grow even worse if the hospitals are public rather than private. The patient’s family member or attendant has to wait in long queues after traveling a significant distance to the hospital before the patient is seen.

Conversely, you can eliminate all the hassle by just making the right choice, i.e., to book a doctor on call service, and a professional, trained and certified doctor and nurse will be at your location in just 30-45mins to treat the patient. This is how you can make the right choice and cater to your convenience. Additionally, the expediency of avoiding long lines and getting a diagnosis and treatment at home is the best solution in the cutting-edge era of digitalization. What’s more, you may also schedule a doctor’s on call visit in advance to ensure that the proper care is provided when needed.

3. An Economical Yet Advanced Service

It is important to note that the upfront fee of a doctor visiting your home, office, or hotel room will be relatively higher. However, in the long term, at home doctor visits will be significantly lower than visiting regular doctors in private hospitals. On top of this, including travel costs, bearing all the hassle of traffic, parking your vehicle, and then waiting for your turn. Not only have you financed more sum but you also have invested time and energy that could be saved with wise choices.

4. Great for Elderly Patients

Elderly patients and those with less mobility are vulnerable and suffer the most when it comes to visiting hospitals or medical facilities for checkups and other medical needs. These patients are also vulnerable to infections and other diseases, and their immune system is feeble, elevating their chances of becoming ill. And several times, they are not in a position to visit the doctor at hospitals.

So, for elderly patients and those with limited mobility, a doctor on phone Dubai service is nothing less than a blessing. With this, they can get convenience and comfortable care right at their home and comfy room. And the family members can have peace of mind that their loved ones don’t have to go through the inconvenience of visiting a doctor.

5. Skip the Fatiguing Rush-Hour Traffic

Traffic conditions can be unprecedented. Taking public transport, driving to the hospital, or getting stuck in traffic can be overwhelming. Furthermore, all your energy is drained with commuting, and stress levels can be extremely depleting.

Hence, it is time you bring a must-needed change in your life and benefit yourself from the amazing benefit that at home healthcare services provider. Here you can change your life by getting immediate medical services and avoiding long traffic jams. The process is comfortable and stress-free, and timely diagnosis and treatment will save your day.

6. No Time Constraints

Time constraints are daunting and take a toll on patients’ and doctors’ physical and mental well-being. Several times the doctors or physicians you want to visit are available the timing when you are heavily occupied with other tasks, and this is where you need to pay attention to the need to visit a doctor. In addition, the doctors overwork and often feel unable to properly care for their patients within the limited time they have.

So, getting a doctor visit your home for home care Dubai ensures you get proper care without having to worry about time constraints. When doctors visit at your flexible time, you get more time and personal care than visiting a regular doctor at hospital. Hence, it allows you to plan your day accordingly while easily incorporating your healthcare needs into your busy life.

The Final Words

If you genuinely want the safest, most personalized, and premium homecare at your home, hotel room, or office space, there’s nothing better than getting Call My Doctor™’s doctor on house call service. The world-class doctors and nurses at Call My Doctor™ are trained, experienced, and certified to serve patients with the best home care. The benefits are immeasurable, from the comfort and security of knowing that you will be at home while saving money and time.

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Call My Doctor™ was founded on the concept and simple idea of helping people live better lives by providing them premium, convenient, and timely healthcare in their comfort. With that idea, we became a company that is dedicated and committed to service with new possibilities.

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