5 Reasons How Elderly Care at Home is the New Normal in Dubai

Suppose your parents are aging, or you have elderly grandparents or other elderly loved ones living with you. In that case, you want to do everything possible to ensure they’re comfortable, healthy, and well has taken care of.

But eventually, and unfortunately, all of them become older with age. Your elderly loved ones may become sick, weak, and frail because the reality is that as individuals start aging, their psychology, physical health, strength, and behavioral patterns modify, and they may become relatively unstable. Studies have shown that as you grow older, your anxiety may trigger and increase with age, including the increased need for physical and emotional care.

So, to bring comfort and ease to the lives of elderly loved ones who live with us or need maintenance, we can take all the necessary steps for their emotional and mental well-being. However, at this stage of life, most people require great care and support, as living with such conditions and ailments is difficult. Here comes the need to draw additional attention to them, including showering them with extra love, understanding, and, most essentially, the quality of elderly care.

Therefore, it’s our responsibility to help and support them in receiving such luxuries. While caregiving for elderly loved ones can sometimes be a considerable challenge and demanding task, you can find yourself torn between your requirements as you juggle caregiving with your own needs, family, life, and career. It is still essential to provide them with the best and what they deserve for their well-being, health, and safety.

The significance of elderly care cannot be understated. Here, we will discuss why and how we should care for our elders and why elders require extra care and attention.

Reasons You Should Take Care of Your Elders

It can be challenging to provide senior home care for your loved ones because you are already occupied with your family, job, and workload that’s already very tiring. On the other hand, the elderly need frequent help and support, sometimes even with the basic tasks of daily living. Here’s why you should provide the best elderly care:

  • They are a part of family
  • They are more prone to numerous illnesses
  • They teach you different essential life lessons and values
  • They should feel a sense of purpose
  • They want to feel a sense of belonging
  • They have a short time
  • It’s the right thing to do
  • They have made many sacrifices for you
  • They need to relax and require peace of mind
  • They require a greater quality of life
  • They are human beings
  • They are your loved ones
  • They have sacrificed a lot
  • It would be a calming thing to see your loved ones being taken care of

5 Tips for How You Should Take Care of Elders

Taking care of your elders is what we should prioritize in the first place. Having said this, here are the five ways you can take elder care of your loved ones to a whole new level.

5 Reasons How Elderly Care at Home is the New Normal in Dubai

1. Be Vigilant About their Well-Being

Caring for elderly loved ones at home requires close observation and watching instead of simple phone calls or weekly messages. Individuals struggling and suffering from severe illnesses like cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other chronic illness or severe disease require extra and 24/7 full attention. It requires close observation to assess how well these individuals living independently are performing.

By improving your communication skills and meeting their challenges by using your creativity and patience, showing passion, compassion, and sympathy, and listening to them empathetically, you can improve the quality of your relationship with your elderly loved ones. This would make caregiving more accessible and less stressful.

2. Maintain a Physical Routine

Your elderly loved ones must stay active and maintain an excellent physical routine. So you can help them maintain a good physical routine by encouraging them to carry out the main activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). The “Basic Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs) are; walking, feeding, dressing and grooming, bathing, etc.

The IADLs require more complex intellectual skills. They may include: management of finances, transportation, preparing meals, cleaning the house, and maintaining home and medications. Other than engaging them in these activities, you can help them socialize, pray and visit the places of their choice and social gatherings such as church and events. Even if you’re facing trouble facilitating them this way, you can still contact the transportation services that happily help the elderly and encourage their attendance at such places.

If your elderly loved ones are bedridden or have mobility issues due to illness or old age, you can keep them engaged by encouraging them to perform several activities. The activities may include listening to audiobooks, reading books, and helping them achieve at least one physically challenging workout. This would surely help them and enhance and improve their quality of life.

3. Explore Elder Care at Home Options

Even after considering the abovementioned ideas, you may still need some other helpful and reliable resources that you can rely on for better care for your parent and loved ones. This is where Call My Doctor™ can become your reliable and convenient home healthcare for your elders in need. The home care healthcare services that Zydus provides are as follows;

  • Comforting care at home – A highly qualified team of doctors and nurses will provide that specialized nursing care at home all times.
  • Assisted living communities –These communities provide a 24/7 service at your doorstep if your loved one needs it to ensure better care.
  • Providing Geriatricians (Geriatric doctors) – These doctors specialize in caring for elderly individuals and are more experienced in treating illnesses and diseases mainly affecting the elderly.

4. Find a Reliable Home Healthcare Nurse

Caring for an older loved one on the premises of your home is not always a piece of cake. Even if you spend more time with them and take care of them, still the chances are you’ll need assistance and resources for their better upkeep.

So to provide them with the best services, look for all the benefits that help maintain personal care, total care at home, good empathetic company, care management services, and much more. The caregiving agency must be reliable and trustworthy.

5. Make Structural Modifications at Home

A home with elderly individuals should be a safe place. It is necessary to carry out the required structural changes to facilitate them by making their homes safe and accessible. These modifications need minimal effort and some helping hands that may help organize the primary daily life usage in those areas that are visible and accessible to the elderly. Other important stuff that must be placed in a Wheelchair is some useful medical devices, equipment, and medications that older people may require.

The Final Words

Old age is one of life’s most fatiguing, sensitive, and depressing stages. At this point, elderly individuals tend to become more dependent on others to survive, even if they don’t want to, as they can’t even carry out their basic life activities. So, when you seek senior care at home for a loved one, choose the one committed to providing the respect, empathy, and compassion required to ensure good health and a higher quality of life for your elderly loved ones.

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