10 Benefits of Nursing at Home Service

Benefits of Home Nursing for Patients and Families in Dubai

Home health care provides various healthcare services to patients in their homes. Some of the services offered by home health care providers include home nursing, elderly care, chronic illness care, pregnancy, and baby care, wound care, pain management, end-of-life care, post-surgery care, physiotherapy, injection services, tube feeding, special needs assistance, childcare, blood testing, etc.

It is distressing, especially when it involves choosing a loved one’s medical care, such as your father, mother, or siblings undergoing various operations or treatments. They may be anxious, perplexed, or afraid due to all the potential problems they could encounter. Human nature compels us to show love and concern for others, especially under these circumstances.

Mainly when someone is in severe pain and requires a much higher degree of care, but the truth is that we can’t always be there for our loved ones. Sometimes we become swamped in our lives and neglect other things to keep a balance. Since the home nursing care environment is tailored to the patient’s preferences and needs, it differs slightly from hospitals.

But in contrast to a hospital setting where a single nurse must care for multiple patients, this fosters a robust nurse-patient relationship. The personally chosen nurse also keeps in touch with the doctor to update the patient’s condition as necessary. The patient’s health is aided by this direct link, which also ensures patient safety and leads to higher-quality results.

Advantages of Home Nursing over Hospital Care

In a hospital setting, patients are required to abide by all administrative guidelines established by the facility. The patient or the family makes all the decisions in a home nursing care arrangement provided at the patient’s residence. So we have brought up the essential benefits of taking a home nursing service to assist you in these unique situations.

10 Benefits of Nursing at Home Service

1. Expert Nursing Care at your Door-Step

Access to medical care that can be provided at home by skilled nurses with the necessary certifications and licenses makes nursing care at home available.

For a patient’s specific care and requirement, specialized nurses for a given therapeutic area or treatment can also be hired.

2. Mandatory Medical Necessities at Home

The employed nurse might assist in obtaining medical equipment on a monthly rental basis from the service provider while receiving nursing care at home. Other chores handled by a nursing care assistant include scheduling appointments with doctors for home visits or refilling prescriptions from a pharmacy.

All this helps the family feel less stressed and ensures the patient is correctly monitored around the clock. A hired nurse is prepared to handle everything quickly and safely with all their social and medical skills.

3. Proper Nutritional Provision

Everyone needs to eat a healthy diet. But nutrition becomes even more crucial for the old or the sick. It becomes challenging to provide a healthy diet when there aren’t any family members around to care for anyone other than the ill or older person all the time.

But employing a nursing carer can guarantee that nourishment is appropriately managed. A good caregiver may occasionally assist with meal preparation, notice a change in the person’s eating patterns, and report it to the concerned doctor or family member.

4. Relaxed Atmosphere and Environment

Long-term isolation in a hospital with restricted surroundings can hurt a patient’s mental capacity and physical health. A lengthy hospital stay can only meet the patient’s medical demands; it cannot address their social or emotional needs. Every patient needs more love, care, and support in addition to medical assistance, and the patient receives it continuously at home with the help of nursing care.

All medical care provided within the comfort and affection of home and family does aid in the patient’s quick recovery. The patient’s mind is much relieved by their familiar surroundings, which aids in healing and restoring a healthy mindset.

5. Friendly Experience

Isolation is a common problem for the elderly or elderly living alone, and it eventually causes a loss in overall health and creates a space for social disconnection. A nursing provider can support your loved one in making friends and overcoming that moment of social isolation.

Maintaining healthy communication has a significant impact on a person’s entire wellness and health. And considering patients as the priority, the home nursing staff is friendly enough to handle them with care.

6. Pocket-Friendly Service

A home nursing service is significantly more economical than hospitalization. Choosing hospital stays only to receive medical care is not a cost-effective move. Comparing the cost of getting home care to hospitalization, it may be almost 50% less expensive.

This makes it possible to develop a virtual hospital with all the necessary medical devices, such as a ventilator, medical monitor, etc., while easing the financial strain at your home.

7. Personalized Health Care

Home nursing care allows for a small amount of personalization of the environment to the patient’s comfort. Hospitals, however, are required to treat and care for every patient equally. A nursing caregiver can also be hired to assist the patient with various additional customizable needs, such as assistance with eating, daily tasks, medication, etc.

Not only can personalized treatment expedite and improve the patient’s recovery, but it also offers one-on-one care, which is essential in medicine.

8. Top Quality Care Considering Humanity

A professionally educated nurse prioritizes taking care of human life. They aim to develop an open, loving relationship with the patient and show respect immediately.

The best advantage of nursing care is considerate, high-quality care. A nurse acts professionally yet caringly, putting many other things aside in favor of the patient’s welfare.

9. Enhancement of Lifestyle

A person can receive the essential requirements met while still retaining their dignity and quality of life with nursing care at home. Everything is managed by a qualified nurse, including bathing, essential grooming, assistance with eating, walking, etc.

To prevent any more issues or injuries, it becomes crucial to watch for an older person or a loved one while recovering. It aids in keeping the patient or person independent with minimum assistance and free from a sense of dependency on the family.

10. Specialized Attention from Family & Nurse

Home nursing care gives the patient all the medical attention and cares they require. As a result, the family is free to offer the patient care and support to accelerate their recovery. It also reduces the likelihood that the patient will disregard any needs, including those for other prescriptions or necessities.

Patients struggling with depression, memory loss, or other psychological conditions are likely to choose self-neglect frequently. Avoiding food, minute concern in taking medicines, lack of interest in any regular chores or personal hygiene, etc., are some of its often observed signs. To protect the patient’s health and safety, you can take care of all these things by choosing nursing care at home.

Why Choose Call My Doctor™ At-home Nursing Staff?

Only the most outstanding nursing care should be provided to your loved ones at home, where Call My Doctor™ and our top-notch home nursing services come into play. In Dubai, we provide the best home care services for the following reasons:

  • High-quality home care provided by DHA-licensed nurses
  • Blood tests, physiotherapy sessions, and doctor visits are all included in monthly packages
  • We only hire nurses and caregivers with extensive training
  • From prenatal to senior care, we provide a broad range of services
  • To deliver the most excellent care, our staff functions under the tenets of empathy and compassion
  • We provide care around the clock
  • Based on the requirements of your loved one, we thoroughly adapt our treatment and care plans

Final Words

Skilled nursing facility caregivers know all the risk factors, including unintentional falls. Nursing care providers are trained in the right interventions to reduce and avert such harm to the patient. Nursing care assists patients in meeting all their social and medical requirements to enhance their quality of life. A nurse looks after every aspect of the patient’s life, including daily tasks, diet, timely medicine, social engagement, and assistance with medical procedures when needed. These make it simpler and more accessible for the patient and the connected family to adhere to a stress-free regimen.

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