Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our doctor-on-call service is absolutely reliable, and we make sure to take care of your privacy.

Simply give a call or schedule an online appointment to connect with a DHA-licensed medical professional. We will perform your lab tests in the convenience of your home.

A qualified team of doctors and nurses will come to your desired location, such as your home or office, to collect samples following strict protocols and run testing at laboratories that meet international standards for 100% accurate findings.

The Call My Doctor™ on-call or at-home staff are entirely qualified, educated, DHA certified, and experienced. We have established strict hiring standards that enable us to choose the most outstanding medical specialists who provide encouraging results through high-quality treatment, tests, care, and medicines.

A thorough diagnosis is performed together with assessments of the environment and general health to determine the next steps in treatment and recovery. Following that, our staff will give you:

  • Evaluation of the patient and their surroundings.
  • A suitable care strategy.
  • Details on available treatments.
  • Advice from doctors.
  • Collection of laboratory samples.
  • General recovery objective.
  • Medication necessities.
  • Delivery of medications.

The length and number of visits totally depend on how the patient’s health is developing and the doctor’s advice. The patient’s convenience can guide the preferred timing.

Our medical professionals have the necessary skills to give your loved ones the best care. It will be excellent if you or a family member is present during the earliest stages of nursing, given that the patient’s medical history and requirements have already been transferred. This would allow us to convey critical information and assist in educating all family members about the patient’s needs and treatments.

We have connected with the top hospitals in Dubai. We can quickly direct you to the closest and most reputable healthcare facilities in the area in the case of an emergency or other undesirable circumstance for the patient.

Our technical helpline is staffed by highly qualified medical professionals who can answer any questions you may have. You may help match your medical need with the appropriate service and medical specialist.

Our practical and DHA-certified services and staff provide you with:

  • Home caregivers and nurses
  • Pregnancy care
  • Support care for mothers
  • Doctor-on-call
  • Home vitamin infusion therapy
  • Baby and child care
  • Babysitting
  • Elderly care
  • Palliative care
  • Physiotherapy at home

You can either call right away, in which case we will be at your door in no more than 45 minutes, or you can call a day in advance, in which case we can coordinate your pre-existing medical needs with our services and our network of medical specialists.

Call My Doctor™’s home health care service is unique in that it gives the most outstanding medical care in the convenience of your home, without the extra inconveniences of travel and scheduling appointments. To diagnose your condition, treat it, and care for you until complete recovery, doctors, physiotherapists, midwives, nurses, caretakers, and medical professionals are prepared to meet you at your home, workplace, or hotel.

  • Individuals who require medical diagnosis and care
  • Patients for whom their doctors have made recommendations
  • Patients who demand medical care and attention
  • Post-operative patients who have just been discharged
  • Expecting mothers and new mothers in need of care and assistance
  • Children, infants, and newborns require medical supervision and nurturing
  • In the comfort of their homes, individuals are interested in vitamin infusion
  • Older adults need assistance and care

We also provide newborn care and health monitoring, so they are always in the best possible condition. We also help moms with nursing and newborn care issues, including food advice, weaning, baby massages, etc. You can contact our midwives anytime for consultations, assistance, or medical needs.

Why leave your comfort when you can get professional lab tests performed by DHA Certified Nurses in the convenience of your own home? Aims Healthcare is the first company to offer at-home blood sample collection services in Dubai, and it guarantees quick turnaround times and precise results from internationally recognized labs:

  • Only DHA-licensed nurses are permitted to take blood samples
  • 24-hour, 365-day service at your house
  • The most acceptable medical practices for sample collecting are used
  • Only approved labs with global recognition are used to check samples
  • Most tests deliver precise results in just two hours
  • Examining the findings was the doctor